Joe Rogan 212520715NO88https://youtu.be/canoVOXrk38
WTF w/ Marc Maron2020251515NO95https://youtu.be/23gkU70zT3k
Stuff You Should Know2525292026YES125https://youtu.be/c709m2qHWIU
Batman The Animated Podcast2626262029YES127https://youtu.be/McEPO2ONnQM
Your Mom's House2927153028YES129Your Mom’s House | Does It Suck? | podonthego SHOW

I judge your favorite podcasts based on the following 6 criteria:

  1. Production – Is it produced well? Is the audio level? Do your intro and outro match the feel and vibe of your show? Is there background music and does it overwhelm? Are there ads and do they help your audience? Does it stay on topic? Have you done prep work for your interview guest or content?
  2. Entertainment – Did I laugh or smile? Did it distract from my daily stressors? Was I immersed enough to forget where I was in real life? Did I stay in the car in my driveway to hear the rest of the episode? Do I workout longer or harder bc I want to finish the podcast?
  3. Education – Did I learn something? Will I be able to take what I heard and apply it to my life? Did a guest’s story inspire me to be better? Was my point of view changed on a topic or issue?
  4. Engagement – Does it engage the audience? Are they thinking about the listener? Are they asking and answering listener questions? Do they shout out their followers and supporters? Do I have a name as a listener? Is there a community or way for me to connect with the host?
  5. Uniqueness – Is it distinctive from other podcasts on a similar topic? Does it plagiarize? Or has the host been inspired by others? Does the host add a unique perspective? Is there a specific niche topic? Are the research and prep work phenomenal compared to other shows? 
  6. X-Factor – (Yes or No) Do I feel apart of the show? Or am I  just a spectator? Would I Cashapp them $40? Do I feel compelled to share the podcast? If I saw them at a conference, would I wait in line to talk to them? Solely my personal opinion, it’s very subjective, but hey, it’s my show!

Each of the first 5 criteria will receive a rating from 1-30 the X-factor will receive a yes or no.

The max score a podcast can receive is 150. 

Receive a score between 5-50 and “Your Favorite Podcast Sucks”

51-100 and its “Unadulterated Mediocrity”

101-150 and it’s a Great Podcast and receives the podonthego seal of approval