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The Flow State and Podcasting

Another key to a successful podcast that most people don't talk about: getting into "the zone". If you want to level up your podcast and p..

Overcoming Burnout | POD 101

Burnout is something that happens to every podcaster. But how do you mi..

Smartest Person In The Room |

Finishing the week with an episode of Free Game Friday. It's a short v..

13 Podcasting Team Roles and

Building a podcast team is a lot easier when you have a list of specifi..

Vital Steps to Build a Strong

Building a team is hard work. But it's necessary work for gaining far-r..

Using Automation Technologies

Every successful podcast I've worked with has a team. And when I think ..

Never Give Up | Free Game Fri

All week we've been discussing the importance of building endurance. At..

Your Mom’s House | Does

Today we'll be rating "Your Mom's House with Tom Segura and Christina P..

How a Podcast Producer Rates

I've started listening to podcasts circa 2013, personally began podcast..

podonthego SHOW | Podcasting

en·dur·ance noun the fact or power of enduring an unpleasant or diffi..

The Mindset Behind Every Succ

Today is Podcasting 101 and we're discussing the mindset behind every s..

Improving Your Production | F

Free Game Friday! All we have is today. We have right now. We don't kno..

Batman The Animated Podcast |

This week on Analyzing a great podcast we discuss one of my favorite po..

WTF with Marc Maron | Your Fa

This week on Your Favorite Podcast Sucks, we discuss WTF with Marc Maro..

Trust and Podcasting | Pod 10

Something that isn't talked about enough in podcasting is TRUST. If you..

Free Game Friday | Real Wealt

All week we've been speaking about monetization and how to make more mo..

You Need A Budget | Analyzing

One of my favorite finance podcasts is YNAB AKA You Need A Budget. I fi..

YFPS | The Bertcast | podonth

Today on Your Favorite Podcast Sucks, we'll be discussing The Bertcast!..

Monetization | Pod 201 | podo

So you've been podcasting for a while. You subscribers and downloads ha..

Monetization | Pod 101 | podo

When you're starting out podcasting the hardest part is justifying the ..

podonthego ULTIMATE list of

Last updated Feb. 20th, 2021 This is an ongoing list that's updated on a reg..

The Importance of Consistency

It's "Free Game Friday"! All week we've d..

PodNews | Training & Con

Keeping with our theme this week, I'll be..

Stuff You Should Know | Analy

Today I'll be analyzing why I believe "St..

Creating Your Process | Podca

One of my favorite books is The E-Myth. I..

Tools to Keep You Consistent

Consistency is our theme this week and it..

Free Game Friday | Rule #1 |

I've been a small business owner for 11 y..

Tyler Edic of The Creative Tr

Continuing the them of "New Beginnings" I'll be speaking with Tyler Edi..

Pod: 201 | Build a Marketing

Today on the podonthego SHOW, we'll discu..

Podcasting 101 | Choosing a P

Transcript (00:00): All right. All ..

The Purge | The hardest decis

It's the end of 2020 (thank God) and now ..

How Your Podcast Studio Can C

The start of a new series on how to make ..

How To Become Better Podcast

Audio Transcript Henrik (00:00): Welcome to Savannah podcasts ..


You’re reading this because you want to create the best possible podcast AND yo..

Grow Your Audience in 2020 |

This month we took the meetup virtual with a ..

Podcast Monetization in 2020

https://youtu.be/fRpnjRtRro4 Today Henrik De Gyor and Razz Misher discus..

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