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In 2017, 67 Million people listened to podcasts every month. In 2015, there were 3.3 Billion podcast downloads. Podcast listeners Earn $10,000 More than the average America and are More Educated than the average American. This equals a better, more engaged audience for your business!

Here at Podcast On The Go, we believe that every company is a media company. With Facebook and Twitter, every company has a printing press. With YouTube and Snapchat, every company now owns a television station. With podcasting, you can complete the loop with your own branded radio station.

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Together our team has decades of experience in our industry. For you, that means the highest quality podcast and the best experience for your audience.



Simply put, we do what we say we’re going to do. On time. Every time.



You can rely on us. We aim to be honest and truthful throughout every aspect of our business.



Your investment in us is guaranteed to increase your influence, authority, exposure, and engagement in your industry and with your followers.


How you can profit from our services

Podcast On The Go can guarantee that our services will increase your social influence, make you an authority, grow your audience, and help you convert more leads! All by launching a podcast for your business.

Watch the video to hear our founder explain the value of launching your own professional podcast –>

Are you ready to see how we can help your company gain an advantage over the competition, increase your audience engagement, and create rabid fans?

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Turn-Key Podcast Services For Businesses

Of the nearly 30,000 hosted podcasts, most never make it past episode 7. Why? Most entrepreneurs underestimate the amount of work it takes to produce, edit, publish, and market a podcast episode. When our president started his first podcast back in 2013, every 20-minute episode required 2 hours of additional work on the back-end.


But you don’t have to do that! Record your story, sit back, and let us handle the hard stuff for you!

Pro Live Streaming

We offer professional live streaming services for your next meeting, event, conference, or training.

Audio Video Recording

We use pro-quality condenser microphones and 1-2 HD cameras to record your podcast.

Audio Video Editing

We do the back-end editing for you, so that you can get back to business after recording.

Mobile Recording Studio

We bring the studio to you! Whether you do business on the top floor of a skyscraper or in your garage, we can come to you, set up, and break down within 10 minutes of recording.

Free Consultations

Have an idea for a podcast but need to flesh out the details? Do you understand the value of podcasting but don’t know where to start? Give us a call!

And So Much More!

Our upgraded accounts offer listener statistics, logo design, keyword research, eye-catching graphics, and even interview scheduling services. Contact us for more information!

10% Off Annual Memberships


Purchase an annual membership and save hundreds of dollars each year!

Free Podcast Consultation


Call us and we'll go through a free 15-minute consultation with you to flesh out the details of your podcast idea. No strings attached.


Fair prices. Excellent service.

Podcast Assistant

$249Per Month
$249Per Month
  • Audio/Video Editing
  • Show Notes Writing
    Customized However You Want
  • Podcast Coaching/Consultation
  • Shared Cloud Based Storage
  • Social Promotion Of Your Podcast
  • Save Hundreds with an Annual Subscription!

Podcast Launch

$419Per Month
$419Per Month
  • Audio/Video Editing
  • Podcast Coaching/Consulting
  • Mobile studio that comes to you
  • Listener Statistics
    $60 Value
  • Professional Logo Design
    $99 Value
  • Managed Hosting Services Included
    $180 Value
  • Assistance Marketing Your Podcast
    We help you launch successfully and continnue to increase your listenership
  • Save Hundreds With An Annual Subscription!

Podcast Enterprise

$619Per Month
$619Per Month
  • Eye-Catching Graphics/Thumbnails for Every Show
    Valued at $50/hr
  • Professional Intro & Outro
    $100-$200 Value
  • Interview Guest Scheduling Services
    No more wasted time going back and forth over email, let us handle it for you
  • Audio/Video Editing
  • Podcast Coaching/Consulting
  • Podcast Monetization Coaching
  • Mobile Studio That Comes To You
  • Save Hundreds With An Annual Subscription!

Just to be clear, it’s possible to do all the above on your own. But on your own, equivalent services can cost you $1,000’s every month and a minimum of 4-6 hours of backend work for every hour of recording time!

Still not sure of the value?

Sign up for an annual subscription and get 10% off your membership. Save $100’s and watch your business grow!


Highly qualified specialists
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Terrass ``Razz`` Misher


E: razz@podonthego.com
T: 912-313-4122

Terrass “Razz” Misher is the founder of Leaders Forum Intl, a local Savannah, GA community radio host, podcast host, connector, and lover of all things podcasting since 2013.

Chief Audio/Video Engineer

Philip Hoover
phil head shot

Partner/Director of Photography

Eric Love | Logic4Design

Partner/ Event Videography

Tyron & Chinyere Williams | DoF Media
dof media


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